Accessing our Services

We regularly spend time looking at your access to Carden Medical Centre and considering any improvements we can make that are within our budget.  

We are always keen to have any feedback on how easy you find it to use our services, and what you think of changes made.  

Contacting us by telephone or at reception

We want to make sure that our phone is answered as quickly as possible and have put things in place to make sure that happens as often as possible - 

Our phones are busiest when we open at 8:30am so all the administration team working at that time answer calls before some move on to other duties

We increased the number of lines available throughout the day (this lets us answer more calls at the same time). 

We employed additional staff at the end of each day - providing more people to answer your call or speak to you at reception before we close for the day. 

We have a separate prescription line - you can order your prescriptions by calling 01224 846696. Using the separate line means these calls are not blocking any others from being answered. 

We know how quickly our reception can get busy - we have installed a bell for our receptionist to let our back office staff know there is a queue, and that one of them should go to help. 

Our aim, whenever possible, is to answer your call within 3 rings. When our reception/telephone staff are busy with other patients - any other available member of the administration/secretarial/management team can and will answer calls which have rung more than 3 times.

You can book appointments and order prescriptions on-line

We have an on-line service which lets you look at and book any of our available appointments.

This service also lets you quickly and easily order repeat prescriptions and is open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. 

Using this service lets you book appointments when and where best for you - and also frees up our telephones for calls where some information or advice is needed. 

The cost of calling us

We have an 0345 number which should keep costs to local call rate (you can check this with your mobile phone provider). We need this type of number as it lets emergency calls (such as collapses and chest pains) go to the front of any phone queue. 

Available Appointments

As we look after both routine health problems and acute illnesses, we need to make sure that you can see us quickly when your issue means that this is needed. When calling, if you let us know that your request is urgent - we will arrange for this to be assessed by a GP. You will then be contacted by either a GP (to assess or provide advice) or a member of the admin team, who can book the appropriate appointment with you.  

We hope this improves access but we do know that demand is high for all types of appointments. 

You can also see a Nurse Practitioner, Nurse or Healthcare Assistant 

We have a Nurse Practitioner – Julie Moore – who sees people in the same way as a GP. Julie can see most things and always has the back up of one of our GPs if that's needed. Julie can't see certain conditions such as: mental health problems, pregnant women and substance misuse. 

We have three Practice Nurses who are well trained in managing chronic conditions such as asthma, hypertension and heart disease and are able to provide reviews for those of you with these problems. 

Let us know what you think

We welcome your feedback and comments and particularly any ideas for improvements in our service. 

Please email:, phone our Practice Manager or send us a note. 

Many thanks, 

The Partners

Carden Medical Centre.

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